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Oregon Trip

January 16, 2007
Quick break in the day to upload some pics… full blog to come later!
It snowed! We went snowshoeing with my dad (he had his X-country skiis).
Pretty snow berries.
Erin and I went snowshoeing. This is in the hills just behind my dad’s house.
Pretty amazing snow for that elevation.
Possibly my favorite picture ever of my dad and I.
This, to me, is the quintessential Dad picture.
I’ve seen this view, this look, this sweater, many many times. Love it.

Another good one of Dad, on the trail we found.

The next day was Erin’s daughter’s 6th birthday.
Here she is, with her birthday girl and 3-1/2 year old wiggle worm, before the party.That evening, we had late Christmas at my Dad’s, with his girlfriend Yvonne, my brother and his girlfriend, Beth. Matt gave me this cool flat/foldup camping dish set. You had to put it together like origami. Here is Beth, me, and Erin attempting to fold up the dishes. It was amusing.

Great trip. More to come later!

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