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Guerneville Visit

April 12, 2007

I finally made it up to the Guerneville house to visit Terri. It was so beautiful out there! Driving out past vineyards, into the Russian River area (which reminded me so much of Oregon — especially out by the Siletz River — that my heart just sang). Terri’s house is just outside the town of Guerneville. It’s quite a nice house. (more pictures on Flickr)

It has a really beautiful backyard. In the morning, there are deer… and squirrels, and spiders and of course, scorpions. But really, mostly it’s just beautiful greenery. A little overgrown, but that’s okay.

It rained this morning, and when I came out to see the morning, I found the flowering trees covered in shimmering drops.

We had a great visit. We went to the river, skipped rocks for awhile, went out to dinner at a little burger place that made the best French fries ever (we called them ‘crack fries’), went up to Armstrong Woods to visit the redwoods, and had a nice fire back at the house. It was such a nice visit, it was really hard to come back home (without Terri… she’s up there for one more night this week).

It’s kind of a long drive (about 1.5 hours without traffic), but it was worth it to see Terri happy.

I just loved it out there. We’re going to talk about it this weekend and figure out what kind of schedule we can come up with for me coming up to visit on a regular basis. I might be able to do some fiddling with work hours every other week (or maybe every week) to see if I can make it happen. My Spanish class is on Tuesdays, but if it works out that that’s the best night, maybe I can get a refund, and re-enroll next term. It’s just really too hard on both of us for her to be gone all week, and it might make a difference to have a mid-week reunion. And, it did my heart good to see all the trees and be in the quiet country for an afternoon. I think it would be good for both of us.
Now I’m home. It’s lonely, even though there are plenty of kitties. I’m going to make my favorite pasta dish (my tummy will just have to deal with it) and watch The Wind In The Willows on Masterpiece Theater and cuddle up with the girls.

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