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Proper Protection

April 19, 2007

In any situation (and, in life in general), you’ve got to straddle the line between risk (and growth) and safety (and fallow times).

The last few weeks, I feel like I’ve been in relative safety. I’ve put a lot out there to the Universe in the past year, lots of hopes, dreams, attempts, requests… and I feel like lately I’ve been needing to pull back. Just rest. Enjoy life in smaller ways. Don’t try so hard.

It’s all a balance. Having this camera has changed how I look at my daily rounds. I find myself wanting to have photo expeditions. I walk around looking for things that interest me. It’s added a new dimension to everyday life. A nice, gentle, non-demanding dimension. I’m having so much fun with this new means of expression. I’m hoping that it spills over into the other channels that I love.. drawing, painting, reading and writing.

But for now, photography has captured my heart. It’s a way of growing and stretching and risking… but not too much. It’s right there on the edge. It’s nice because with digital, it’s so forgiving. If you don’t like a photo, you just delete it. No wasted money or prints. I feel like I’m in a nice, safe cocoon of exciting creative growth with relatively little stress. I’m a beginner, a learner, so I don’t have any arbitrary goals or set standards. I’m still in the joyful stages of just being in love with my camera. Look! It takes pretty pictures of doughnuts and trees! Look! I can take 150 frames of my cats and not have cat-photo remorse!

This makes me happy.

Don’t you wish we could all feel this happy more of the time? Lindsay, age 2, has it down.

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