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I Discover Black And White Mode

April 26, 2007
Black and white kitty, on black and white floor, in black and white.

I have come to a sad, sad conclusion. I think in order to figure out what’s the real deal on the tummy situation, I have to keep a food diary. I am not good at this, I already know. But I think it will help. I’m going to experiment with a more intensive wheat-free mode. But I’m sorry, I have to add in some more dairy. I just cannot imagine a more dismal experience than being wheat-free, dairy-free, fat-free and sugar-free (and vegan). So I’m hoping that a food diary will help me figure out exactly what the heck is the deal. I might also call a natropath/nutritionist. In fact, I might do that tomorrow.

Are you watching “Planet Earth”? I’m mesmerized. And amused. While watching “Great Plains” tonight, I heard this gem: “Wild Ass! Female ass are strange creatures… they come and go as they please, and much of their behavior seems unfathomable.”

OK, tell me you wouldn’t snicker, too.

Meanwhile, Tiger Lily plays a game of cat-and-mouse.

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