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San Francisco Day (Of Unusual Beauty)

May 6, 2007

That would be an SFDOUB, in case you’re wondering. Different from ROUS. Very, very different from POUS (sorry, inside joke).

Anyway. Today I met my terrific friend Lara in San Francisco, bright and early, for a much-anticipated day of jewelry, fashion, and great food (and great company). We could not have had a lovelier day. We started out at the Legion of Honor, high on a bluff overlooking the ocean heading into the Bay. I’d only ever driven up past the museum, and that was years ago. It was really a pleasure to drive up and see this:

We were there to see the French jewelry show, but I’d forgotten that the Legion of Honor houses a really extensive Rodin collection as well. I always enjoy seeing original pieces that I’ve studied in school, in person. I didn’t really know what to think of Rodin in college – I was completely taken with Art Nouveau at the time (and still am, especially after this jewelry show!). But as I get older, I appreciate different things, and this time I really enjoyed the passionate, flowing sculptures. I liked how grounded they seemed. And also, the life shining through, even though cast in bronze.

After the jewelry show (which really was wonderful), we went over to the de Young museum in Golden Gate Park to see the Vivienne Westwood fashion exhibit. We timed the whole day wonderfully, including this trip up to the observation tower in the de Young. Seeing the whole city laid out in a 360 view was stunning (if a little vertiginous).

I enjoyed the Westwood show a lot more than I thought I would – I almost enjoyed it more than the jewelry show, and that’s saying something. I loved, loved seeing her fabulous clothes. Almost every single piece exuded joy, and movement, and the fun of dressing up. The show was really well done, too — lots of context and explanations, and there weren’t many people there yet so we could get right up close to the clothes and take a good look. I found quite a few I’d wish to take home!
Then, we went to the entirely civilized cafe at the museum, and had a lunch of strawberry and arugula salad, risotto (me), and crab cakes (Lara). We sat outside in the sun and watched kids play among the lawn sculptures, and felt quite refined and happy.

Then, a quick stroll through the park, where we found this proud fellow showing off his plumes. He shied away from paparazzi, but we still managed to get a shot.

As if that weren’t enough, after this wonderful morning, I went home and got to spend the afternoon with Terri. We went out to do errands — it was so sunny, I had to stop and buy some sunglasses and a sunhat. We had an early dinner at Barney’s, and then, as a treat, had gelato afterwards. I had green tea and ginger-vanilla. She had peanut butter, banana, and pistachio.
Now we’re home, watching Children of Men. I am feeling really, really lucky to a) live here in the Bay Area and b) be alive in general.
Terrific day. Thanks, La. Thanks, T.
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