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Cheese Intoxication

May 8, 2007

Last night I went to Gary Danko with Julia. It was foo-foo food heaven. We ate, um, lots. I had (for the first, and probably last, time) foie gras. I liked it at the time, but as dinner and the evening went on, I decided that I don’t probably ever need to have it again. Too rich, too meaty, and I’m just kind of philosophically opposed to it. But it was worth tasting at least once. We ate various kinds of fancy poultry. White asparagus. Quail eggs. And, the Cheese Course. Ah, the cheese course. We didn’t have any wine with dinner, but we did become giddy, giggly, and completely intoxicated with the thing of beauty that was the cheese course. Wow. We sample 8 different kinds of cheeses. I have a new favorite. Then we had dessert: chocolate souffle (with two sauces!) and creme brulee. Actually, THREE creme brulees, to be exact. Coconut, chocolate lavender, and coffee. With three cookies. And a small try of dainties (including the world’s smallest brownie. It was like, a half-inch square. However, by this time, we couldn’t even try it). And a take-home treat. We almost died. It was food overload.

But sheesh. It was good.

Earlier, we played tourist and had taken a cable car ride. I was reminded, as I have been often recently, of how lucky I really am to live here. What beauty.

I like this ghost ship (above).

It was really fun to go through the neighborhoods and see everyone out walking their dogs, eating at the outdoor cafes, waving at the cable cars. When we used to drive down to Santa Cruz in the summer to see my uncle, I used to beg to just ‘drive around’ San Francisco when we passed through. I wanted to see the neighborhoods, see what it was like to live in this bohemian, artistic, beautiful city. I had wanted to see exactly what I saw last night: the San Francisco fantasy. Warm evenings, European-style cafes and strolling, picturesque cable cars.

It’s certainly not always like that. But sometimes, it is.

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