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The Cuteness I Have To Put Up With

May 10, 2007

That would be my left arm that she’s draped over (I shot this with my right hand, just aiming and shooting — couldn’t even look through the viewfinder). Tonight as I worked on stuff on the computer, sitting in bed, Katie came up and snuggled right up, draped herself over my left arm, and purredpurredpurredpurred. This photo doesn’t even do justice to the cuteness this kittycat exudes every night. Now that Terri’s not home 3 nights a week, Katie has readjusted and now demands cuddling every night as soon as the lights go out (and sometimes, even before — obviously!). She is angel-soft and purrs very comfortingly. Yes, she’s grouchy sometimes. But when she’s snuggled up tight, purring away, gently patting my face… it’s pretty hard not to fall head over heels.

Katie, you’re my girl.

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