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A Very Talented And Courageous Kitty Mommy

May 15, 2007

That would be me.

I did it! I gave Katie fluids. The poor darling has not been feeling well at all since yesterday and I just knew that fluids would help, but this has been something that I’ve been afraid of attempting for over two years. I’ve been totally willing, but Katie can be a little, um, touchy. So finally I had enough courage and I got the equipment out and set up, and then used the scruffer to help calm her down (this really is a miracle tool). Then, it went great!

I petted her and talked softly, and she just closed her eyes and purred like a little kitten. I was so thankful.

Now she is curled up in a little ball sleeping soundly. I hope when she wakes up, the fluids will have worked some magic and she’ll feel a little better. I’m not sure how long it takes for it to soak in and start rehydrating.

Anyway, I was just so proud. The other kitties are very curious about what’s been going on; right now they are out in the hall meowing curiously. Time to feed them, and myself, and then settle into bed with a hot water bottle. Oh, that’s the other thing. I have an ear infection. I’m doubly awesome because I helped Katie even though my ear is throbbing.

Just a little thank-you prayer out to the universe, for helping this go so smoothly.

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