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Purrfect Nap Day

May 25, 2007

I took the day off today (and tomorrow, which means I have a 5-day weekend!) to rest and enjoy Terri being home. I was so tired yesterday, I’m not sure why. Maybe my body is working so hard to digest all those fruits and vegetables…

Anyway, what a great day. It went something like this:

  • Sleep in until 9
  • Get up and have herbal tea and perfect oatmeal with raisins, with Terri
  • Fiddle around the house; do not much
  • Paint toenails 3 times (Terri chooses the nail polish; today was an indecisive day)
  • Pick up beautifully tailored jacket, pants, skirt, for $20 total (great new tailor!)
  • Grocery shop for lovely things to eat
  • Hang out in the bedroom sifting through National Geographic magazines while Terri got an hour-and-a-half massage (with hot stones!) in the living room (love those travelling massage therapists!)
  • Make yummy rice-pasta salad (with cucumbers and red peppers) for dinner
  • Watch silly TV and cuddle kitties
  • Oh, and plenty of naps here and there (a luxury partaken of by all, as seen above)

Yep. Pretty good day. And, we’ve got another one tomorrow. We might be heading down south this weekend, or… we might decide to ditch plans and head to Calistoga for more massages.

Viva la holiday weekend!

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