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A Berry Fine Day

May 29, 2007

Yesterday and today I finally got off my behind and did another painting for the kitchen. I’m making three for the wall behind the table. Terri had a good suggestion: berries.

Here it is in full:

She joins Avocado Twins:

And Tomato Evening (over the stove):

Here’s the two of them up on the wall. The third, which hopefully I’ll do this week, will sit on the left of the berries. It’s nice to see them taking shape.

I’m somewhat frustrated with working with acrylics. It is not as easy to work with as I’d like – the paint slides around and dries quickly, it lumps up, it takes a lot of work to blend it as well as I’d like. I’m so used to working with watercolor or colored pencil, which I feel like I can control a little better. There’s so many things that are different: I’m working upright, rather than flat (like on a desk), the canvas bounces (I think I’d like working on a hard slab better than canvas), plus my set up is less than ideal. But, given all that, I’m pleased. I’m learning more with each painting, learning the limitations of the medium and how to adapt the skills that I have, to painting large-scale on canvas.

I do want to try oil, but I’m a little nervous. It is much more complicated; acrylic is water-cleanup and there aren’t fumes, plus it wipes up easily if there’s a drip. However, I think I could do more of what I’m wanting to do, with oil. Maybe I’ll get a starter set and a small board or canvas and try something small-scale first.

Once we get the office set up so I have my art space, that is. I can’t wait!


It’s been a great five days off… lots of resting, cutting up magazines for collage, spending tons of time with Terri, which has been so nice. I feel much less stressed… I was so tired last week, and having anxiety for some reason. I feel much better now, I think it was a good idea to take the extra days.

Well, it seems like I had more to say, but it’s 10 pm and I’m ready to settle into bed. So, the paintings will just have to speak for me.

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