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I Don’t Mean To Make You Jealous, But…

June 3, 2007

It’s not everyone who has a linen-closet attendant. May I help you? Fresh towel, perhaps?

We’ve had the most productive day ever. First, I went into the city to talk to a financial advisor about my pet sitting business. It was really worth the visit (not to mention, what a super-nice lady) — I got some great information and I don’t have to do anything different than I already am. That’s always nice to hear: “Wow, you’re really organized. Don’t change a thing!” I’ll take it.

Came home and made cinnamon rolls (I only made a half recipe, which is four rolls, because Terri and I plus eight cinnamon rolls would be very, very bad). Then Terri says, “What housework did you have planned for the day?” (She knows I usually have a couple projects planned in advance). “Deep-clean the bedroom, and wash the bedding.” She says, “No problem. Leave it to me.” Yahoo!

So Terri deep-cleaned the bedroom (not only do a I now have a linen closet attendant, but I also have an on-call housekeeper, apparently), and I did a lot of work in the kitchen. Reorganized cupboards, got rid of some counter clutter, etc. The kitchen looks like someone else (a very neat and clean someone else) lives here. As does the bedroom.

Then we got to work on the office. Terri cleaned out a bunch of drawers (4 bags full of old papers, etc.). We switched the antique secretary (which was in the office) and the small bookcase (which was in the bedroom). So now our bedroom is full of beautiful antiques, and the office is kind of wide open for a makeover. We decided that instead of me having a small desk in the corner, instead, I’d get the big desk for art stuff, and we’d find a small, efficient desk for the opposite corner for a work/writing desk. Again, yay! It will be a gradual process, but I am already seeing how cute and colorful and creative this little office/art room is going to be.

This tired everyone out.

Yesterday after work I stopped by the thrift store to drop off

some closet-cleanout and a big stack of books. I tried to resist, but the call of old china and cheap books was too strong for me to resist. Luckily I only found two itty-bitty, teeny-tiny books. They look pretty great. In any case, I’ll save one of them for a plane ride this summer. It’s always hard to find the perfect vacation book. But I think Mary might be it.

I’m starting re-reading The Artist’s Way. I did it last fall, but I’m going to really try to do it right this time. I know, I know, there’s no one right way, but what I mean is, I want to really try and get into the process and see what happens. I kind of burned myself out over the holidays last year; then I had sort of an extended rest period. I’m still kind of tired, but I’ve been having fun painting and doing collage pre-work. I think it’s time to dive back into the underworld of creative thought, and see what comes up.

More thoughts on this tomorrow, after I finish the first chapter and have done an exercise or two. I kind of can’t wait.

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