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Artist Date: Alameda Walk

June 12, 2007
I went for my walk and turned it into an Artist Date. I decided to document my walk.
Here’s some of the results, basically in order as I encountered them.
Baseball game, just down the street from our house.

Gorgeous tropical vines near a busy street.

A quieter street.
These hydrangeas were really stunning.

Old fashioned roses, and old fashioned architechture.
I love Alameda houses.

But I don’t need one quite so big as this.

Something more like this would be just perfect. I love this house.

Then you turn a corner, go down a few blocks, and we’re at the beach. Well, the bay. But it’s still a beach. The tide was coming in, so it felt more like the ocean than usual.

Walking along the path by the water, you turn one way and see the trees and hils, and the park.

And then, the other, you’ve got the bay, and a peaceful spot.

OK, remind me again why I complain about this place?
(San Francisco skyline, from Alameda waterfront path)

That was fun. I really do love walking around here in the evening. It’s so peaceful. The flowers are just starting to really go crazy – another month or so, and Alameda really turns into a spectacular place for garden-observing.
It’s a pretty good place to be. Well, okay. Better than pretty good. Pretty great, sometimes.

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