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Lost And Found

June 12, 2007

Wouldn’t you have to stop if you were driving home on a beautiful day and saw this peeping through the trees? It’s some kind of park by the local bay area water department. No, really. I don’t really know what the deal is. But there it is, a big old Corinthian-style column thingie, surrounded by water and trees.

Anyway. That’s the ‘found’. The ‘lost’ is that I lost my camera battery charger. I have no idea how it got lost since I never take it anywhere… I assume I misplaced it in a moment of airheadedness, or I put it on the windowsill and it fell outside somewhere. It’ll show up, or it won’t. In the meantime, I ordered another one. If I have two, well, that’s good. I ordered another battery while I was at it. You know, for longer trips where I might not be able to charge up in between. Like camping or something.

I was a very good girl and I walked to and from work today. The walk to work was great, except my backpack was too big and so really dragged me down and was hurting my back. Found a better bag at lunch, which worked really well on the way home, but is a over-one-shoulder kind of deal and I worry about my back tweaking out. I have a fancy messenger bag here, which I might try tomorrow although it has the unfortunate side effect of strapping across my chest and making it VERY clear that yes, indeed, I have a chest that makes a statement. So, we’ll see. I’ll find a happy medium. Or, I’ll just ride my bike tomorrow, which is what I might do to mix things up.

So I went for the walk, and now it’s almost 7:30 and I kind of feel like going for another walk with the camera. I’m battling with the ‘shoulds’. I ‘should’ stay home and… do what? Let’s see what the list says. It says that instead of going for a walk and taking photos of beautiful early summer gardens, I should: clean kitty litter, search some more for the recharger, repot a plant, clean off the table, sort through collage magazines, put stuff in the garage, do some sewing, do my arm weights, and by the way, do ALL of that tonight.

I think I’m kind of full of baloney. I think I should just go for the stupid walk.

So, off I go! Shoulds be damned!

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