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Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2007

Usually, I think I’m more like my lovely mother. However, iIt’s Father’s Day, and in honor of my dear dad, here are my Top 10 ways in which my dad shows up in my everyday life.

  1. As I stood over the garbage can this morning, picking out the raspberries that were ‘still good’ (and eating them) from the slightly molding batch, I realized I was re-enacting a scene right out of my past. Salvaging food: definitely.
  2. I like to ‘do it myself’. From mild electrical work to plumbing to minor car fixes, I’d rather do it myself than pay someone. Sure, it’s cheaper, but I also just really like knowing how it all works.
  3. Creative problem-solving (with more than a hint of MacGyver-ism). Using the tools at hand, how can I solve this problem? (Mend this break, jerry-rig this mechanism, fix up this closet, save a ruined dinner dish, make something from nothing)
  4. Never say never. Within reason, of course. In that same vein, I think I also learned when to turn back when things are just plain out of control. It doesn’t matter that instead of navigating down slippery boulders, I’m navigating through my own creativity struggles – it’s all a fine balance of not giving up, but also knowing when enough’s enough. Nobody’s perfect and I don’t always make the right choices (and neither does Dad), but more often than not, it’s a voice of reason that helps me navigate various terrains of life.
  5. Corn off the cob: I adore corn cut off the cob, well buttered and salted. That, plus plain tomatoes, hunks of cucumber, fresh lettuce… my dad is no gourmet, but I learned to love vegetables of all sorts from him. Vegetables in huge quantities. I’ll gladly eat an entire (mixing) bowl of steamed green beans or a huge plate of tomatoes and cucumbers for lunch.
  6. On being off-beat: my dad is off-beat, both literally and figuratively. He is a sight to see on the dance floor. And, he’s definitely bopping to the beat of his own drummer in everyday life, too. I tend to be able to pass for normal a little more easily than he, but every once inawhile, a gigantic quirk or social gaffe comes bursting out at the most inopportune moments. I especially like it when it happens and I don’t even realize it’s a quirk. That would be my father, right there.
  7. A taste for adventure. From travel to trying (almost) anything at least once, Dad generally likes to live life to its fullest. As much as I can, in my own way, I try to, too.
  8. Disregard for fashion: yes, this might come as a surprise to some. But I definitely have a thrift-store streak in me, that loves old shirts, paint-streaked pants and green socks. Dad influenced the part of me that will wear an orange T-shirt with kelly green pants (a combination which prompted Terri to tell me that I COULD NOT wear that in the house with her around).
  9. Penny-pinching: Dad is the champ (for better or worse). I’m grateful that I don’t have to pinch pennies quite as tight as he does, but when the need arises, I’m pretty good at scrimping and saving and conserving and recycling and making do. Thankfully I also learned that there’s a time and a place to spend $20 on, say, gourmet chocolate.
  10. Last, but not least, I have a tendency to take things to the extreme. Odd things. Like healthy diets. Or doing it myself. Or running a marathon (instead of a 10k). I pick and choose, but there’s nothing like going all the way when you can!

Anyway. Dad’s a character, and that’s putting it nicely. I love him very much and am grateful for the things he taught me. Happy Father’s Day, dad!

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