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Swept Away

June 27, 2007

Oh, brand new shiny Bissel carpet sweeper, how I love thee.

Let me count the ways.
Your comforting sweepy-rolly sound,
Your lack of electrical cords,
Your easy-dump tray,
Your lightweight heft,
Your deft maneuverability…
Oh, I love them all.
For $29.99 you swept into my life,
And my house will never be the same.
I got a carpet sweeper! Small dorky confession: I have always wanted a carpet sweeper, ever since I read about the ‘carpet sweeper that took the nap off the carpet instead of the crumbs” (was that from Little Women?) … I’ve just been sort of quietly wanting one just about my whole life. How dorky am I?? And now I have one. I got it because we got a pretty new rug for the bedroom, which unfortunately also houses a litter box. It can’t be helped. However, the litter crumbs CAN be helped, and this carpet sweeper took care of them like magic and didn’t even scare the cats.

It worked great on the hallway runner rug, the bathroom rugs, and the kitchen rug, too. So much easier than shaking, so much quieter (and less hassle) than vacuuming.

I’m in love with my carpet sweeper.

On another note, I spent last night up at the Guerneville house. This is Terri’s last week up at Kaiser Santa Rosa and I AM SO GLAD. Since she’s still at the pretty house up there for this week, we thought we should take advantage and have me spent another night up there.
It’s funny up there. It’s so pretty, and the town sort of vaguely reminds me of Philomath. Except instead of being a mix of loggers, blue-collar and a small percentage of white-collar, it’s a curious mix of meth-heads, funky locals and retired gay men. The town is cute, but kind of strange. It’s almost like it would like to be a cute resort town, but it’s too stoned to actually put out the effort.

But we had fun anyway. Rented a silly movie (Wedding Crashers), took a drive, went for a little walk, had dinner (gigantic fresh salads with the best avocados I’ve ever had. Seriously. These things were amazing). It’s so peaceful and quiet at night. Terri has the windows and blinds wide open. There’s no light pollution, so it’s completely dark and you can see stars through the trees. Birdies late to bed flutter about, getting themselves ready for the evening. It’s so cozy when it’s that dark.

The backyard is a wild tangle that needs careful tending… we had fun imaging what we would do if it were our house. Terri watered the garden and swept the decks while I was lazy and just watched. Little household yard activities like this are so comforting, especially on a soft summer evening. One thing about all those trees… there are a lot of spiders and spiderwebs. This one got lightly sprayed by the hose and gave us a show.
And in the morning, there’s another show to be had of green filtered light and morning-mist hills. Although I would not like to live there, I wouldn’t mind being surrounded by this kind of beauty all the time.
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