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At Long Last, Camping Photos!

July 18, 2007
A couple weekends ago, we met Erin and her girls for a night of camping at the Cloverdale KOA. I have to say, if you want to go camping with kids the easy way, this is the place to do it.
Our adorable ‘kabin’
Nothing like a hot summer day, heading to the pool with a full bag of Cheetos.
Does it get any better than this?
Then, of course, you have to chronicle your day in your trip journal.

And hopefully someone will play checkers with you.

We were successful with our fire!

Madeline was the best S’mores maker. Ever. Hands down.

The next day we headed to Santa Rosa to tour Safari West. This is a privately-owned, conservation- and preservation-minded wildlife center. It was pretty great.

You can even stay there overnight in luxury safari cabins.
I so want to do this.
You ride around the park in a big safari Jeep, right out with the animals, which was pretty fun. It was a really long ride, though — over two hours.

Abigail succumbed to a nap after hanging in for quite some time.

Not the best photo of us, but what can you do? It was hot, too sunny, we’d been camping, and had just spent over two hours in a safari jeep. Oh well.

But we all had fun, and that’s the important thing. It was really, really a good time.

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