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Fire Art Festival

July 18, 2007

Saturday night we decided to head over and see the Fire Arts Festival, put on by The Crucible, a local fire and metal arts center. They put on a terrific display of fire sculpture, conceptual art, and a theater event as well. This year it was a retelling of The Odyssey.

Unfortunately, when we got there, it was sold out! But we were able to take in quite a bit from the outside. It was truly inspiring to see what amazing creations people had made. We are definitely going next year.

This was my favorite piece (that I could see). I love how creepy it is. It reminds me of the cover of that horrible children’s sci-fi book, The White Mountains (it must be like 25 years since I read that book and it still creeps me out). The ‘head’ slowly pivoted around and the eye flashed. It was kind of eerie, but very powerful.

Of course there were fire trucks!! I thought of my brother Matt. I know he’d like this.

So cool. We stayed for about 45 minutes, even though we were outside the gates. There was quite a crowd with us.

I don’t know… I just think it was so inspiring and really joyful, in a way. To make a gigantic fire sculpture, just becuase it’s so cool… I just love it. I was totally fascinated and can’t wait to see it next year.

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