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My Mind Has Been Expanded…

August 3, 2007

But, not that much. Apparently.

Here I am, out walking in Montreal with Monica and Ismail:

Don’t we look urban? Relaxed? Just a hint of Euro-tourist? One would never suspect that a mere 6 days later, I would be shopping on my lunch hour for the very best mop that Lucky’s has to offer. And seriously contemplating floor wash stuff (I chose Simple Green). And trying to work out in my mind how other people do it: get their floors to stay clean, I mean.

God, I am such a Virgo.

However, back to the mind-expanding part. While I was seriously contemplating floor wash and mops, I was rocking out (very, very subtly) to The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack on my little Shuffle. And Led Zeppelin, as I strolled back to work, mop over my shoulder. With my favorite fancy work shoes and cool new jeans.

And I was so happy.

Sometimes, I crack me up. My life as a rocker-chick Virgo. She just can’t… quite… let it all go. One can rock out, but one must also have clean floors. You know? It’s a balance.

Some things’ll never change…

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