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Just My "Type"

August 6, 2007

Clearly, I am not a Fried-Chicken-Lover. Seriously, how does one eat this? Especially if one does not like grease, ‘parts’, tendons, skin, or anything other than a bite or two of skin-free white meat. I went back to the coleslaw after poking and prodding and then giving up.

In my last post, I mentioned that I am an INFJ. I thought it would be fun to think about all the other things I ‘am’. Here’s what I could come up with.

Enneagram: I’m a Type 2. The Helper. Of course. “The Caring, Interpersonal Type: Generous, Demonstrative, People-Pleasing, and Possessive”. Yup, that just about describes me. Except, I’m not such a puppy-dog people-pleaser. I do it to an extent, but I can also be very private and reserved. Sometimes it takes awhile to get to the part where I’m warm and demonstrative. I guess that’s why I’m also a…

INFJ: The Counselor. “Although Counsleors tend to be private, sensitive people, and are not generally visible leaders, they nevertheless work quite intensely with those close to them, quietly exerting their influence behind the scenes with their families, friends, and colleagues. This type has great depth of personality; they are themselves complicated, and can understand and deal with complex issues and people… Counselors can be hard to get to know. They have an unusually rich inner life, but they are reserved and tend not to share their reactions except with those they trust. With their loved ones, certainly, Counselors are not reluctant to express their feelings…” This sounds a lot like me, I think. I read in one of the INFJ descriptions that although a “Judging” type, INFJs tend to be a little more loose when it comes to order and neatness. Which is why I’m an INFJ (with a messy desk) even though I’m also a…

Virgo: “Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a diligent, analytical, self-sufficient, controlled, orderly, and modest character but one which is also prone to fussiness, perfectionism, harsh criticism, coldness.” I’ve just never thought of myself as much of a Virgo. Sometimes it comes out (I like to have even sets of things, I like to have my art supplies stored just so, sometimes I can be a little bossy…), but mostly I really don’t want to be a Virgo. I tend to think of Virgos as being kind of stick-in-the-muds. But I hope I’m not. And according to the…

Kolbe Test (as seen in Oprah), I’m not such a stick-in the mud. I’m a Quick Start/Innovator type, with some Implementor. Which means I like to jump right into things, but I also have a strong practical, get-it-done streak. “Your conative creativity is intuitive, visionary, and highly original. You have a knack for finding alternatives and discovering unique ways to get things done.” I do agree with that. I tend to do things in big pushes of effort, getting a lot done in a period of time, and then crashing for awhile. I like to do things the best way I can see, rather than the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be done. Sometimes this works, other times, not so much. I also definitely learn by doing (but can also learn by reading). This personality test is more about how you learn, function and work, rather than your personality, per se.

The palm reading I had done also said that I have a big HAL-9000 line, which means that I need to have lots of things going on. I have to have a bunch of projects, or activities, or problems to work on. That seems to coincide with the Kolbe report.

So, clearly I like personality tests. I see some threads throughout all of these. I like people, but I tend to be shy. I’m a helper and a giver. I keep to myself sometimes, although I’m constantly involved in loved ones’ lives. I like to jump right in and start learning and doing. But I’ve got to be of service in some way.

Of all the ‘labels’ here, the one I identify most closely with is the INFJ. I have strong intuition and I definitely want to help others. And I definitely can keep a little too close to myself sometimes. But I do try to open up. And although I’m a Virgo, I try to use my Virgo powers for good, not evil. Sometimes only I can tell the difference, unfortunately… But seriously. It’s kind of fun to look at all these different results on one page. Definitely some consistent themes. A fairly accurate picture of me. What might I add?

  • Good sense of humor
  • Able to indulge in occasional decadence
  • Ummm… any others?

What a fun exercise. Here are two free tests if you want to find out your own Enneagram and Myers-Briggs type. They’re fast and pretty accurate.

What Enneagram Type Are You?
What Myers-Briggs Type Are You?

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