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August 8, 2007

My first, clumsy attempt at self-portrait photography. Me, working from home in my kitchen (see all the cookbooks? And also, art supplies. My life, on shelves).

All right, all right. Eight NEW things that you don’t know about me/are unusual about me. (I can’t help but respond, I’m addicted to polls and personality tests).

  1. My new favorite meal is cucumbers and hummus.
  2. I can’t wait to have veiny, cord-y old lady artist hands. Well, I can wait. But I’ll be glad to see them.
  3. I once sang a solo performance of “Boy From New York City”, wearing my dad’s letterman jacket and a dirndl skirt my mom made. And a perm. And, I believe, glasses. Possibly with a unicorn decal on one lens. And, I survived the utter humiliation.
  4. I know how to gut a fish and butcher a deer, although I would never do either these days.
  5. My dream house is on a mountainside in Seward, Alaska. I still wish I’d taken a photo.
  6. I’m still tomboy enough to feel vaguely proud when I get a big scrape or bruise.
  7. I dearly love vintage clothes from the 40s and wish I could wear them every day.
  8. I have a ‘hat face’.
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