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We Did It!

August 30, 2007

As of today, August 29, 2007, Terri…

And I…
…are officially registered as domestic partners! Yay! We finally decided to do it. We marched ourselves down to Piedmont Avenue and found a notary at the UPS store (how romantic!). Walked in, paid our $20 for notary services, and signed the papers. Terri will drop them off in San Francisco tomorrow.

Afterwards, we went and had dinner at the place we went to after our first date, Barney’s. We even sat at the same table. I don’t remember what I ordered on our first date, but tonight I had the gardenburger with cheddar, sauteed mushrooms and artichoke hearts. Terri had a BBQ veggie burger. With curly fries. And black cherry soda.

We sat on the back patio area and talked about what it meant now that we are each other’s official ‘partner’. What dumb word. But still, it’s nice to know that, in California at least, we’re legally each other’s, well, other.

This makes us very, very happy (even if we are kind of shy about showing it).

I feel so happy and proud to be Terri’s partner — and to have the state of California know it. It’s such a good thing to have that bond stated. We’re together. Very, very much so. I love her with all my heart. A better, kinder, more wonderful person, you could not find anywhere. We were both kind of moved by the quick, friendly little transaction at the UPS store. A small thing in the eyes of the clerk (who was really nice and made us free copies of the signed form), but a big thing for us.

So, on this hot, sweltering, stuffy night, we’re at home celebrating with the kitties. And with Haagen-Dazs. And with lots of love. I’m home. We’re home. It’s pretty wonderful.

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