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I’m a Wiener!

September 23, 2007

..oh, I mean, winner (sorry, just cracking my up). How so? Read on. (caution: extreme geek talk ahead)

I went to the San Francisco Ghost Society’s lecture series today (starting the geek talk… now!). The topics were: Ghost Photography Basics, Energy Clearing, Dowsing Rods For Beginners, and Northern California Haunted Sites (in Gold Country — where we happen to be going for Terri’s birthday!).

I was really surprised by how much fun I had at this little event. I expected it to be cheesy, and some of it was. But most of it was really interesting and down-to-earth. The best part was the Dowsing Rods. After a brief introduction, we got to try them. They had hidden quarters all over the room, and whoever found the most won a set of small copper rods. I wanted those rods!!

So… I picked up a set, and did the ‘set-up’ to get them working (actually, to get my brain to be in tune with them). Then I started asking them to show me where the quarters were. It was kind of amazing. Of course I had no idea where they were, but the rods showed me exactly! They swung, very determinedly, and led me right to them. I started finding them pretty quickly. It was really exciting, and very weird. But fun. I can’t explain it, but those rods really did find the quarters for me (with me?).

And, I won! I found the most quarters. I won the rods, but something else happened, too. I felt like I finally got a peek into this spirit/paranormal/extrasensory world that I’ve been fascinated with since… oh, ever. Like, all this stuff that I keep being drawn to is somehow a little more real. That I was actually using energy in a new way. I mean, I couldn’t argue with the quarters. The rods really led me to them.

I know I’m totally geeking out, but I can’t help it. I’m embarrassed to be writing about it. But it was so cool!

I came home and made a larger pair from old wire hangers. And tomorrow I’m going to go see if the local psychic shop has a better pair (more balanced) that I can try. The small ones that I won are great, but I think they’re too light for a beginner. The teacher said I ought to continue practicing, that I was a natural dowser, that I had good psychic development. Who, me? Psychically developed? Really? I was thrilled.

So the whole thing was kind of awesome.

I’m way too excited about this, aren’t I?

Anyway, this was a cool house on the way to the lecture (in the Haight). Love the lamp. Kind of perfect for the day. All pre-Halloween-y. And that’s some pretty great paint.

To see something else that turned out awesome, check out Persephone!
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