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Very Cozy, Thank You Very Much

September 30, 2007

It was almost scary how much we needed a cozy weekend.

But we got one! The very best kind, full of lazy mornings, easy outings, house-sprucing, crafting, reading, and laying on the Sunday paper (at least, if you’re a kitty, you do that).

Yesterday I finished dyeing my sweater; this time it came out perfectly. I really should have done a before and after photo… but it’s a lovely dark espresso color now, instead of the yellowy cream which was really unflattering on me. Yay, new work sweater! And yay, cold-water dye. That worked much better.

Then we went out in search of a things. One of which was a piece of art for the kitchen, something that we could dress up seasonally. After a lot of searching, we finally found just the right piece, then went to IKEA for a lightweight frame (since our walls are alternately made of crumbly plaster or concrete… not the best picture-hanging materials, either one). We love our birdies, they needed to come home with us. They will be lovely with a holly garland this winter, or surrounded by spring flower paintings… or presiding over a lovely autumn table.

While we were at IKEA, we just happened upon the perfect print for the bedroom. We both immediately loved it and brought it home with us (again, in a relatively light-weight frame with plastic instead of glass, since we do live in earthquake country, after all..)

Terri immediately said we needed a new comforter cover. She’s also redecorating the bathroom. I love redecorating, but I always feel so sad to see old things changed. I was wondering if it was because I have this idea in my mind that someday we’ll find just the right thing, and we won’t ever have to change things ever again. What’s up with that? So I end up feeling like the things being rotated out (even seasonally) will get their feelings hurt. They weren’t the one. So I tell them that they’re just going to rest for awhile, and they’ll come out again later.

The rest of today may hold: fall plant transplants, some more picture-hanging, chili-making, and hopefully, hopefully, cozying up while it pitter-pats rain outside. It’s still looking awfully bright, but they say that will change…

Hoping you and yours are having just as cozy a weekend as we are.

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