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October 5, 2007

I’m imperfect. However, this cup of candy-colored delight might just be perfection.

..if you like candy corn, that is. Which I do.

October is when I really start to feel the seasons turning and changing. I always start to get all thoughtful and write-y around this time of year. How convenient, as National Blog Post Month is coming up soon. Daily blogs! Yeah!

So I’m preparing by figuring out some stuff I can write about. One of them is a Week Of Imperfection. Keep in mind, this is most — well, all — of my weeks, but instead of bemoaning, what if it were celebrated? Like, I’m imperfect (did you ever notice that imperfect is also I’m-perfect? … hmmm), here’s how, and yay! Isn’t it great? Look how I screwed that up! Look how I didn’t do what I was supposed to! Yeah! Go, me!

Well, at least it might be amusing.

Most recent imperfection: last night I came home and made Terri her favorite dinner (lately) — quinoa and sauteed red bell peppers (with rice vinegar). It was lovely, healthy, fresh… all good. However, we only had enough peppers for one serving. So I had… tortilla chips and salsa for dinner. And topped it off with ice cream for dessert.

Now who’s the one who’s always saying how you have to eat good food to heal/rest/grow? Who’s the one who’s always making healthy things for dinner and who looks down her nose at the idea of ‘snacking through dinner”? Yeah. That would be me.

But all I wanted was chips and salsa. And in my defense, we really don’t have much to eat at home right now. But really? I could have had scrambled eggs. I just didn’t want to.

Yay, imperfection!

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