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Vacation, Day Two

October 12, 2007

Yesterday was a nice, productive (in a vacation-y way) sort of day. The best part is that our bathroom got a fall/winter makeover. We both agreed that the tropical-jungle look was a bit jarring for the the cool days ahead of us. So we found this beautiful stripey shower curtain, and got some new rugs and a new window treatment. I will make some creamy sheer curtains to go below… I had no idea it would be so difficult to find plain, sheer, cafe curtains. The best part: nearly all of it was on clearance or 50% off sale!

Spent a little time in the city yesterday as well. Sometimes nothing is better than a perfect cup of coffee, a yummy biscotti, a scenic city street, and plenty of cute doggies to ogle while they are paraded around on their daily walks.

Today I plan to head over to the city early, before my hair appointment. I have some gift cards to Macy’s that are burning a hole in my pocket. New clothes, new hair, dinner with a friend, and then Terri’s home early tonight… really, life is good.

Time for a shower in my NEW bathroom. And then, off into the perfect gray, misty day for a self-care day in the city.

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