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Good Days

October 14, 2007
(Pretty plant thingie outside a tea shop in Hayes Valley, Friday night)
It’s been a good couple of days. Friday I went to the city (in the pouring rain, which of course I loved) and spent some time at H&M. The new trend in sweaters is for them to be very, very long. I’m trying to branch out fashion-wise, but I was very skeptical. I picked up these long sweaters over and over, only to put them back each time, sure that they would look horrible. Finally, I figured, if they look as horrible as I imagine, why would they be so popular (I’m trying to be openminded, and ignoring past trends like shoulder pads and leg warmers)? So I just tried one on. And… it looked good! I was very surprised. So I bought three of them (don’t you love H&M?).

Then it was time for hair. I love, love, love my hairdresser. She is wonderful. She’s a real girl. I usually feel very intimidated by hairstylists (just a funky quirk I have) but I just love her. I told her I was tired of my boring hair. I needed some edge. But pretty edge. I got it. Yay! I love my new haircut. It’s a choppier, more angled and piecey version of what I had before, but much more fun.

And then, as if the day could get any better, I met my friend V for dinner. We had grilled cheese sandwiches and had some really good girly talk. I love my friends.

What a great day.

Yesterday was another one. After a lazy, lazy morning, we decided to get on our bikes and go check out the Bladium gym. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a very long love-hate history with gyms. I love the idea of them. I love the opportunities they present. But I usually also hate the actual gyms, and hate the other gym members (especially if I am in a class with them). And eventually, when I don’t go, I end up hating myself. So I was unsure about the Bladium. But as soon as we got there, I felt pretty good. Usually I am overcome with anxiety while touring gyms. I feel intimidated, out of my league, out of place. But everyone seemed so normal, plus there were lots of kids (it has an indoor soccer field) and that always helps normalize things. Plus, I’m always a sucker for things of gigantic scale. And this place is huge. It has, among other things, an indoor soccer field, a basketball court, a hockey rink, a boxing ring, a rockclimbing wall, plus plenty of weight rooms, class rooms, yoga space, etc. etc. It’s housed in an enormous old Naval building, with tons of natural light. I liked it.

Plus, it’s suprisingly affordable, especially when you join as a couple. Which we did.

We didn’t even really intend to, but we liked it so much and we’ve both been wanting to get in shape and have some fun. And this gym looks like fun. People are playing. Our introductory appointment is Monday. I can’t wait!

We came home and I made enchiladas and we settled in for evening with books, movies and kitties. If only it had been raining.

Today is starting out slowly as well, which is exactly what I need. Papers, decaf coffee, and plenty of cats piled on the bed. I don’t know what my plans are. Perhaps overdying those jeans that aren’t quite right, perhaps cleaning out a closet. Maybe a trip over to the gym to explore futher. Maybe just staying in bed and finally finishing Memoirs of Cleopatra. It doesn’t matter. I’m home, with all my girls, relaxing and NOT AT WORK. Life is good.

I’m just feeling very grateful for what I have, lately. In celebration of imperfection, of course things are never going to be perfect. I don’t think I’d want that, anyway. But I’ve got so many things to be grateful for. Small things, too: Cleo asleep on the papers. Terri beside me researching electronic gadgets. A bathtub. A pretty kitchen. Quarters for laundry. 3/4 of a dish of leftover enchiladas to snack on all day. Our heater. New pajamas.
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