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(Cranky) Wild Self

October 19, 2007
My Wild Self: Build own wild self here!

What’s your wild self? Apparently mine involves being a princess of the underwater world. Um, and having sticky tentacles.

So, it’s the weekend. After a tiring short week back at work, I’m glad to be back in rest mode. Something is ‘off’ with my body. Too tired, plus a terrible backache and icky tummy. I went to the doctor yesterday to see about getting allergy tested for food allergies. She ordered the allergy tests, plus a thyroid test and general bloodwork, and said I may need a colonoscopy. Yahoo! I’m really looking forward to that. Right? Who wouldn’t? But seriously, I’m sick of this tummy stuff and even though I try really hard to pay attention to what happens when I eat this or that, I’m not completely convinced it’s entirely food-related. So… hopefully this will get the ball rolling to figure out what’s happening. Or at least, what’s NOT happening. I know what I’m in for: lots of testing, not many answers, but hopefully a direction and hopefully, hopefully, finally some solutions. I don’t feel sick enough for it to be celiac disease, but you never know. It could be many things, including just being a ‘sensitive tummy’.

What a drag.

Last night my neighbors had a little party. They’re nice people, but they are definitely partiers, with everything that entails (loud music, lots of people, etc.). I think they’re actually pretty considerate, usually the music gets turned down after 10 pm, and the parties are generally small. But last night they kept leaving their front door open, which means the music drifts right up to our house. I had to go over twice to ask if they could close the front door. I always feel bad having to do things like that, but I was not feeling well at all and that music was driving me crazy. The second time was at midnight, so I didn’t feel too bad about that. And I didn’t ask them to turn it down, just to close the front door. Which is reasonable. Right?

I feel like baking a batch of cookies and sharing a plate with them just to make sure there are no hard feelings. I can’t stand neighbor-tension. But I just want the door closed! Man. Someday we will live in a place where neighbors aren’t either right on top of us or right in our front yard. Living in the city, we’ll always have neighbors, but a little space would be nice.

Sorry. Apparently my wild self just wants to complain today. I was going to write a happy little post about what my wild self is, but the tummy and the neighbors took over. Maybe that *is* my wild self: kind of cranky.

Speaking of, I’d better get ready to go to the lab for those tests. Maybe more posting later.

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