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OK, Yum.

December 5, 2007

I’m not a chocoholic, by any means. But sometimes in the afternoon you need a little something, you know? I just tried my first Jocalat bar (by LaraBar). It’s made of only nuts, dates, and organic cocoa. Um, hello? Yum! It’s like a delicious nutty brownie. None of that weird health-food taste. It’s just yum. I will be buying more of these. It made me happy. We like food that makes us happy.

You know what else makes us happy? Books. Lots and lots of books. Preferably free books. Enter: the Alameda Library! I have had a card since I moved here over 9 years ago (really? 9 years?) but haven’t used it much. But now there is a new, fabulous, beautiful modern new Alameda Free Library. I went there with a big list of books I wanted to find. I didn’t find all of them, but enough to feel like a success. And then I also started to fall into that wonderful trap of, “Oh, that looks good… hmm, that also looks interesting… wow, I’ll have to read that next time…” I love that. Libraries are good, happy places. I can also search for the books I want online at home in their online catalog, and reserve them! I love this!

Which reminds me, I have library cards at the Berkeley Library and the Oakland Library as well. The Corvallis public library spoiled me for all other libraries, but the new Alameda one is pretty amazing. Free wi-fi, a cafe, free computers, self check-out, lots of parking. It’s a very nice space to be in. I will be going there more often.

But now I have to find a good online source for those other books that I didn’t find. I read something about, recently. I will have to check it out, and report back.

Books make us happy, precious. Yessss they does.

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