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January 8, 2008
Can’t tell which way is up? Welcome to my day…

Today was bad. It started off bad, it was bad most of the day, then I realized I forgot an appointment after work (and got the, “…um, we had an appointment, right?” phone call… always so uplifting…), so it was bad then too.

Now I feel crummy. Worse than crummy. Wretched. Leftovers from a wretched, crummy, messy, no-good day. Grump. Grump, grump, grump.

Cups were broken. Projects were done, and re-done. Envelopes were re-stuffed. Traffic was bad. Doors would not open (literally). Appointments were forgotten. And now, my house is full of eye-stinging onion fumes.

I’m making a big pot of curry noodles and then plopping down to hopefully get over the grump. And then we’ll have Jell-O Cook-n-Serve pudding. Because days like this need pudding.

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