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Book: The Relic

April 21, 2008

After a brief hiatus due to Physiology tests and brother-visits, I’m back on the book-obsession. Terri’s been really into these books, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, and she finally talked me into trying this one. I’m not usually into ‘thriller’ books, but throw a little bit of paranormal (or monster or curse…) into the mix and I’m there!

As the book jacket review claims, it’s kind of Jurassic Park Takes Manhattan. I have to admit that I enjoyed Jurassic Park, and so that kind of sold me on this book. In brief: An expedition to the rainforest to search for an ‘extinct’ tribe goes awry, with only a few boxes sent back to the Museum of Natural History in New York (everyone on the expedition was killed or went missing). The boxes sit in storage until moved in preparation for a big exhibition at the museum. Suddenly, people are being brutally murdered throughout the museum… but is the murderer human, or animal?

I think you can guess the answer to that.

Anyway, a fun mix of creepy, science-y, and good old-fashioned police thriller, this book was a quick read (I read it all in one day) and I couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t exactly scary but it was interesting, and like all good mysteries or horror tales, the big ‘reveal’ was kept until the very end and was pretty satisfying. And, a good solid twist at the end (which I could have figured out if I’d thought about it very hard… but I was so swept up in the book, that I didn’t…). Some of the threads that kept all the science together seemed a little sketchy, but I wasn’t going to complain. It was set in the Museum of Natural History, which was fun — now I totally want to go see it.

A little side note — I actually began this book late at night on Saturday, and turned out the light after the first murder (that’s always a good idea, right?). Anyway, as soon as I turned out the light, I heard horrible shrieks from outside. I was going to get up to see what it was, but soon I heard my neighbors’ doors opening and figured someone else was checking it out. I have no idea what it was — it went on for a good five minutes, just horrible. Either a really out-of-tune engine or a horrible creature death. Anyway, of course my mind was completely in paranormal murder mode and I had to hide deep under the covers until it stopped.

I just started the sequel to this book, Reliquary, and it seems to be just as much fun so far. I’m so excited because these authors have quite a few books out, and quite a few at my library. I love that!!

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