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Fresh Muffins

April 28, 2008

Muffins are always good on a Sunday. Especially on a warm, sunny Sunday like today.

I feel like this blog has gotten a little stale (unlike fresh muffins). I know why that is — my brain is simply full of so many life-management details that I just don’t have room for rumination, creative expression, pithy insights… none of that. I have room for work thoughts, home-ec thoughts, health-management thoughts, and school thoughts. And none of those are particularly getting the attention they need… somehow everything seems to be surviving, however, so I won’t worry about it.

Well, I guess I have room for book-thoughts too. Thank goodness.

I do miss thinking about things, though, you know? I do, late at night in bed… my mind seems to be able to turn off all the practical thoughts and engage in some flights of fancy. Nothing blog-worthy, but a much-needed reprieve from all these details, all of which are important but are kind of tiring. And not very interesting.

I can’t wait for summer. I’m taking the summer off from school. I plan on doing art, reading tons of books, exercising more and making delicious summer-produce meals. I can’t wait.

However, in the meantime, a few well-loved recipes keep us nicely fed, and school and work are not suffering too much, and house and home are not falling apart. That’s about as much as anyone can ask for, given the circumstances, eh?

I did make homemade hummus last night. Photos coming soon. If you like hummus and have not made your own yet, you do not know what you’re missing out on. I didn’t know — but now I do, and I don’t think we’ll be buying packaged hummus again anytime soon… yummm…

Anyway. If you read this blog fairly often, my apologies for the uninspired posting. Hopefully you like books and book reviews since that seems to be all the creativity I can manage. 🙂

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