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A Bookworm Dilemma

May 10, 2008
Being silly with shadows…

Usually, life as a bookworm is a simple thing. When in doubt, read a book. It’s pretty much as simple as that. But sometimes, even us simple-minded bookworms run into dilemmas. Here is one such dilemma. (prepare for Extreme Nerdiness exposure)

I am currently about 1/8 of the way into The Once And Future King. I haven’t read the full version of this book (I think I read the first section, The Sword In The Stone, while in high school). However, I am totally in love with this book. I have a thing for the Arthurian Legend (how many ways can I be a nerd?) and this book is so readable and so funny. However, it’s also very long. This trait usually scores big points with me; however, it’s part of my current dilemma.

I just got another book in the mail today, Will Storr vs. The Supernatural. I have been wanting to read this for awhile but just read a review of it and decided I needed to read it very soon. So. Now for my dilemma. This book looks quite inviting and fun to read (hello, ghosts!), and it’s relatively short (just over 300 pages). However, I’m currently engrossed in T.H. White. But I am so very very tempted to take a book-break and read the Will Storr book.

Usually I read a book straight through, unless it’s kind of boring and it’s a put-me-to-sleep book. I don’t usually have multiple books going (although I won’t say never, because I’m entirely capable of having 3 or 4 books going at a time). Also, I have this weird loyalty to books I’m currently reading. It’s like I think their feelings will be hurt if I put them aside for something else (even if I intend to go back to the other book).

Add to this mix the fact that I have a big Physiology test on Tuesday, and my final to study for. Not that college schoolwork has ever stopped me from recreational reading before.

The T.H. White book is from the library and is due Saturday (I can renew it, however). It is long and will take me at least a week or two (since I also have to study, after all) to finish. The Will Storr book is a purchased (used) book, and I am pretty sure I can finish it off in a day or two. I also have to study. Did I mention that I have to study?

Clearly, I am an addict. The right answer is: Study until you are all done studying, then reward yourself with the Will Storr book and just renew the T.H. White book. Right. Got it.

Now, if only I can stick to that.

If only all my dilemmas were so enjoyable!

(true confession: I am a super-ultra-uber-geek and also purchased this book. Help me!)

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