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A Special Request

May 12, 2008

Hello, small handful of blog readers!

Today has been interesting. Without getting into the boring details, something may be afoot. Change may be on the wind. I am jaded enough now to not expect miracles, but I’m going to ask for reinforcements anyway.

Right now, as you’re reading this, can you send a little hopeful prayer or good energy or positive thoughts or request to the Universe for us?

Again, skipping over the details, Terri got approved for the Valcyte (did I already write this?), which is fantastic. However, she can’t swallow pills, and the pills cannot be crushed. So how to take the pills? Anyway, long story short, somehow she wrote the right email to the right person at the right time (to ask about the pills), and all of a sudden we’re talking about all sorts of things that may lead to something else which may lead to something else. Sorry for no more details than that, but we don’t actually know anything yet (just some really interesting emails).

Now, it may come to nothing. But you know how you sometimes get a feeling that something is about to happen? That you’re on the precipice of some turn of events? I have that feeling. It’s like a tiny icy-hot pinprick in my gut. I’m afraid to hope, but I’m desperately hoping. So if you have two seconds, please send out some good thoughts to us, with all your might.

I’m not very religious but I strongly believe in something more than myself, whatever that is. I feel like there is a small tendril of Something working it’s way in. Whatever happens, I think we’ve got some help on the way. Please let this be true.

Ok. More details if they manifest. When they manifest. Thank you all in advance!

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