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June 8, 2008
Sometimes it’s just too much to have to try and come up with a clever post title, you know? So let’s just call it like it is. Crashed. That’s what I did today. It started out all well and good… sleeping in a bit, making some strawberry bread, walking over to the beach to check out the sand castle building contest… then I decided to go over to Oakland to find some material to make curtains. Two and a half frustrated hours later, I was ready to have a meltdown. I forgot what traffic is like over there on the weekend (such a sheltered Alamedan). I could not choose any fabric at all. I was supposed to do a couple other errands but instead came straight home to fall apart.

Wise Terri said, “Go back out, do the last few things you need to do, then come home and put on jammies and park yourself on the couch and do nothing. You have to rest.”

I pulled myself together enough to follow her good advice and have spent the last two hours on the couch with magazines that I’ve been meaning to read, and sorting through photos which I finally downloaded.

So, since I am too wiped out to write anything very coherent, here are some catch-up photos from the last few weeks.


Strawberry-mascarpone-cheese-filled cupcakes, made in honor of Nicki’s birthday.

Presented with a handwritten recipe card and silly handmade birthday card. (Nicki used to love Strawberry Shortcake when we were little, so it’s a bit of an inside joke)
One corner of my herb garden, looking very Mediterranean.
(shown: Lavender, marjoram, thyme, and a bit of catnip)

The always-photogenic Katie, shown here in first position.

Speaking of Strawberry Shortcake, here’s Nicki’s little Miss Shortcake, Lindsay, today at the sandcastle contest. I have more photos but those are the ones I could get motivated to process. Welp, my brain is mush (as you can tell by my stellar composition skills). Back to doing not much at all. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more oomph and can get some things done that I’d like to do. For now, it’s time to rest and recoup.
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