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Post #500

June 10, 2008

Can you believe it? 500 posts on this blog alone, not to mention my other blogs over the years. That’s a lot of blogging. Go me.

Today has been not the greatest. At least, not yet. It’s 2:45. It could change.

Last night I could not sleep AGAIN plus I had terrible allergies for some reason, so I took half a Benadryl. It worked, I could breathe again AND I got to sleep, but it worked a little too well (or I was just really really tired) and Terri actually woke me up at 11 AM reminding me that Cleo had an appointment at 11:30. Ugh. So I sprang (groggily) out of bed and threw some clothes on and grabbed the kitty carrier and chased poor Cleo through the house. She cried pitiful kitty cries all the way to the vet.

I usually like my vet’s office very much, but today they had a substitute vet (covering for my usual vet) and it was a little odd. Cleo now needs medication for her asthma, and at this vet office they give inhalers to kitties, not pills. However, this vet had never used an inhaler on a cat, so couldn’t explain it very well, plus the inhaler is a human inhaler so I had to take the prescription — for my cat — to the regular pharmacy, to get it. Yes, I got funny looks. Also Cleo may still have a bladder infection, it turns out, poor girl. And has to get tested for CRF, which our little Katie has (chronic renal failure). It’s hell getting old, isn’t it, Cleo?

Over $500 later, I’m home, unshowered, tired, sore from scrubbing the floor yesterday, hungry, vaguely upset about the whole vet experience, and just not at all in the peaceful frame of mind I had hoped to be in by this time.


My plan to save my day is this: take a shower, fold the stupid laundry that is still on the couch, then fall down on the bed in the air-conditioned bedroom with a big pile of books and read myself out of my bad mood. It may also include a dinner from Trader Joes. I am just not feeling at all Zen like I had hoped.

But at least my floor is soooooo clean. 🙂

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