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I’m It!

June 25, 2008

I’ve been tagged by Kate.

The task: Get yourself to the nearest book, flip to page 123, and copy the 5th sentence out here…

The nearest book to where I’m sitting is Veronica Goodchild’s Eros and Chaos.

Page 123, 5th sentence: “Education has become a consumer affair, and knowledge now generally divorced from gnosis, that is, revealed, visionary knowing.”

She goes on to say, “In this way it has become another example to me of the spirit/matter split that characterizes our times.”

I actually really like the 3rd sentence on this page better: “To have character, you have be a little eccentric, out of the circle, and to trust to your own quirkines.” (a quote from Camus)

I hate how much everyday life smothers my quirkiness. Or rather, how much I allow it to. But then again, I like getting along with my coworkers and sort of existing below the radar (if the true extent of my quirkiness were known, I am not sure how that would go. See? Self-editing. Grr.). So, I compromise. I would like to continue revealing more layers now that I feel somewhat more grounded.

I never tag people but Terri, Shea, D’Arcy, Eva, Stefanie, — you’re it!


On a separate note, do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by abundance? I am currently having that problem with book blogs. Right now I have five or six that I keep track of. I thought maybe I would see what other book blogs were out there so I checked out some of the blogs that people listed on their sidebars… and I got totally overwhelmed. Maybe if you’re reading this and you have a favorite book blog to recommend, let me know? Otherwise I think I’ll just stick with my six. For now. Frankly I get so many good book recommendations from these six I can barely keep up so I don’t know why I’m looking at other ones. Community, I guess.

I have to figure out how to create a “Now Reading” list on this blog. Hmm.

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