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Catching Some Rays

July 9, 2008

I was lucky enough to spend today in the sun with D’Arcy, sitting in the sun by the beach in Santa Cruz. This was after riding the Giant Dipper twice and playing a mean game of minigolf. I didn’t get any reading done on the beach, but sometimes you can’t have it all. 🙂

Speaking of reading, here is me and Kate at Powell’s in Portland, showing off our haul!

That was very, very fun. I wish there was a Powell’s across the street from me. Or, maybe I don’t… it’s kinda dangerous.

The Lyme fun continues. I just wish it were a straightforward thing — we’d love to hear, “Here is what is wrong. Here is what we’re going to do to treat it.” But we are still on the warpath and we’re not giving up, no matter what.

I had something to write about but I had too much sun today and I can’t think. I have a kitty on my lap and a book to finish, a shortened work week (or two!)… not too bad.

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