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Random Bits of Etcetera

July 14, 2008
Our colorful front-porch flowers…

It’s Sunday night, after a sunny weekend full of, well, sun, and friends, and actual cooking, and lots of reading.

Yesterday I met up with Lara and her son & his friend for an afternoon at the local beach. It was lovely — the boys played in the sand and bay, while Lara and I sat in beach chairs and gossiped and read magazines. Does it get better? I think not.

I actually cooked — something that has not happened in awhile, it seems. I made enchiladas, which were fantastic. Tonight we had salad with rice ‘pudding’ for dessert (really just basmati rice made with raisins and spices, with almond milk simmered in).

I’ve been making the mistake of reading bits and pieces from different books… I get distracted when I do this. Right now I’m reading The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, Living The Creative Life, and The 7-Day Detox Miracle. The fortune cookie book is really interesting, although true to the reviews I’ve gotten from friends, it could be better. The creative book is fun to browse through — I doubt I’ll read it straight through, but rather just use it for inspiration. The detox book is highly recommended by some of Terri’s friends, and I have been feeling so sluggish and tired and just totally blah lately (though it could be leftover from that nasty cold/allergies/whatever I had) that I thought I might give it a try. A week sounds very do-able, plus it’s not a fast, it’s just eating easily digestible foods, plus some gentle detox activities (saunas, exercise, a little meditation, etc.).

What we need is a month at a spa. Failing that, maybe a week or two of detox, including some nice hot showers and extra scrubbing — might be an okay substitute. I just really need to feel refreshed somehow — I’m feeling very worn out. Friday at work I felt so tired that I just wanted to lay my head down on my desk and cry.

Random Bit #1: We have someone to root for in the Olympics! Meet Erica Boren Bartolina: My dad was her coach in high school. I have watched her jump many times and she is the sweetest girl (woman?) ever. I am so excited for her! I sent her a quick congratulatory email and she said that my dad was there watching the Trials where she made her qualifying jump, and that ‘he had a hard time not coaching’ her. 🙂

Random Bit #2: I’m thinking of trying to make an altered book. I’ve never really done any of these but it makes sense for me to mess around with it. I love books, I love art, I like recycling… everyone wins.

Random Bit #3: Going camping with D’Arcy this Tuesday, at Butano State Park… hoping the weather will be decent because we can’t have campfires (for obvious reasons… hello, California forest fires!). We may freeze. Need lots of blankies!!

That’s about it. I have a really, really blank brain. I don’t know why I’m so tired. I might start the detox thing next weekend. I’m kind of looking forward to it.

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