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The Gypsy Got Me

July 21, 2008

Well, I did pretty well. I made it until around 4:30 and then the aroma of this Gypsy Soup that I was making for Terri was my undoing. I had to taste it, you see, to make sure the seasonings were correct. And then I thought, well, fasting is all well and good, but I think I’ll just move right into the detox diet phase a few hours early. Right? Right. So, since the soup is a perfect detox recipe (very little oil, all veggies, lots of beneficial spices like turmeric), I didn’t see why not. Rules are made to be broken, and all that.

Besides, this is an excellent soup. I doubled the broth, doubled the spices, and added curry powder, plus many more veggies than called for, including green beans, red pepper and a bit of Yukon Gold potato. It’s delicious. It was made to be eaten. Today. Right now. Yes. I would recommend this even if you have no interest in detoxing — it’s a spicy, extremely flavorful soup.

So, tonight I will take my hot-cold shower and do my meditation exercise. And have some more soup and maybe some of these amazing peaches that are perfectly in season and perfectly ripe. The next week, I anticipate, will be full of really delicious food. I think that choosing not to eat for (less than…) 48 hours has reminded me of how much I love to cook, and how wonderful fruits and vegetables are, and how lucky I am to live in a place with such abundance of fresh produce, especially this time of year. I plan to take full advantage of this.

Oh yes, and take a big handful of supplements and drink lots of lemon water and all that. Yes, yes. But mostly, yippee! Clean, beautiful organic yummies all week, and possibly further on if I feel good eating this way. I anticipate that I will. I already feel that the gray sludge-like feeling has started to lift.

Time to plan some menus for the work week.

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