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Day Five

July 24, 2008
Because every bookstore needs a cat… oh wait, that’s our entryway…

Day five of the detox plan is going well. I seem to have either passed the tummy irritation mark or my plan of eating mostly rice (with a little fruit and a litttle bit of veg) plus less Vitamin C seems to have worked. I felt tired today but still clear. Was hoping to make something good for dinner tonight, but…

Our refrigerator seems to be broken. Which is not a huge deal, since we’ll be getting a new one, apparently on Friday (or tomorrow, if we’re lucky). But still. I don’t want to buy anything that needs to be refrigerated, and I don’t want to open the fridge that much since we have milk in there. And it’s already just barely cool. What a drag.

I notice that I feel much more even-keeled throughout the day now that I’m eating consistently, and although rice is certainly carbs, it’s whole-grain rice and vegetables and fruit, and I’m not having big blood-sugar swings. I’m tired, but I think I am not sleeping enough. Or something.

Speaking of sleeping, my alarm clock broke. And my shoes broke. And my shower head flew out of the wall. And my bathroom sink is incredibly clogged. Added to the fridge, I’m sensing a pattern. Should I be concerned?

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