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August 21, 2008

If you’ve recently read Terri’s blog, you’ll know that she somehow got a staph infection and abcess on her toe. Ouchie. She’s been treating it with loving care ever since the appointment, and it’s paid off: we went to her checkup appointment today (I came along in case he had to numb her foot) and she got a thumbs-up! Getting all better. He had to trim some of the nail again and it was kind of scary and painful, but she did great.

She was so pleased and relieved after all the worry about the toe, she thought she might deserve a treat. Well, I thought she might, too. So after work we headed over to Big 5 Sporting Goods store, where Terri had an 8-year-old gift certificate. Her Lyme doctor recommended getting a trampoline to start building up her strength again, so we wanted to look at those, and see if there were anything else fun to play with at home.

Success! Terri fell in love with the idea of getting a little putter and golf balls, to practice putting at home. Perfect. Fun, lightweight, good for getting her mind and muscles moving (but not too much). Plus I can have fun with it, too (that’s me, there).

My dad is a rabid golfer. Practicing putting in the living room all night long, practicing long shots up and down our street all afternoon… in the parking lot… at the beach… you get the picture. Anyway. It used to kind of drive me crazy but now it’s all happy memories, so it feels quite homey to have the putter sitting there against the wall, ready for putting whenever we feel like it. Click…. punt.

We also got a trampoline (on sale!). Um. This is really, really fun.

Yeah. I kind of love it.

Who were the treats for? Oh right, Terri. Well, we share everything, right? Right.

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