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Sunday Night

August 25, 2008

Today was just one of those days. Woke up late after a weird night of dreams. Tried to make vegetable juice with beautiful veggies from the farmer’s market on Friday, but half the veggies had frozen from a too-cold fridge. Then the juicer broke altogether (there’s that mean ghostie again, breaking my stuff). Then my mood took an even further turn southward. Stomping may or may not have happened. You know how it goes.

I tried to paint the little birdhouse I’m playing with, but only made minimal progress. Mope, mope, mope. I was a total Eeyore for a good part of the day. Terri worked very hard to cheer me up and after awhile succeeded. It took some effort, however.

Now I am cuddled on the couch in an early birthday present from Terri: a super-soft faux-fur throw, in a beautiful ocean blue. Tiger Lily cannot keep her paws off it. I can’t blame her, it’s like being wrapped in bunny fur (in a good way). On the stove is the delicious Gypsy Soup. I’m reading a fabulous book. Terri is playing what I continue to refer to in my white-girl-from-Oregon head as ‘rap’ (although it is not actually rap, it’s actually very interesting, artsy and appealing hip-hop of some sort. There’s a difference, right?). Life is good again.

Sometimes Eeyore just sneaks up on you. He enjoys being fed strawberry ice cream. That sends him back to bed for a cozy nap. Or so I’ve heard.

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