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Pretty Much The Best Birthday Ever

September 16, 2008

You wouldn’t know it from the frustrating weekend I had, but my birthday turned out pretty amazing. Full of everything that I love, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

My lovely and amazing boss (and friend) shooed me out of work early (after giving me an entirely too generous gift), so I was home by noon. Terri had cleaned up the house and was in the midst of birthday planning. She had a few ‘errands’ to run so suggested we go over to Old Oakland for a little stroll in the sun, so she could do her last-minute things.

I wore my very fun “Night Owl: Mystery Book Store” T-shirt. I love this shirt.

Old Oakland is right off Chinatown in downtown Oakland. It’s just starting to get all fancified, so there are some fun places to poke around. We went to a game store and got some dominoes and a two-person card game, then stopped in at a fancy grocery and got some interesting-looking pasta and very delicious pasta sauce. And some amaretti cookies that I am now hooked on.
Came home to rest up, and then Terri MADE ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE. From scratch. With homemade frosting. No-one has made me a birthday cake since my mom, I don’t think. My best friend, long ago, perhaps. But certainly nobody romantic. So this was a fantastic cake indeed.

Terri’s sisters were awfully sweet and sent me a fruit bouquet, so while she baked, I munched on melon and chocolate-covered pineapple flowers. Um, hello?? Who knew that was so yummy?

Then we had some gifts. Terri did very, very well. She created a Readers Paradise. Including this creatively-wrapped armrest pillow.
She also hit it out of the park with this amazing comfy robe. This is the absolutely the nicest, coziest, prettiest robe ever. I never want to take it off. She also included some comfy socks, a compilation CD of fun dance songs, and three books which will totally get me started on the right track for my October Scary Reading Month: Ghosts Among Us, Peter Straub’s Ghost Story, and The Ghost in the Mirror by John Bellairs. And my amazing, delicious, beautiful chocolate birthday cake.

My mom also sent me some beautiful flowers which were a perfect backdrop for the candle-lighting portion of the evening.

And then came the eating part. And the tummyache part. But, I think we’ve discovered the secret to Birthday Baking Success: someone ELSE needs to do the baking. Thank you, my sweetie. And everyone. For a lovely birthday. Just perfect.

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