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Is It That Darn Mercury?

October 1, 2008
(the cats seem to be immune to all astrological forces as they lounge on the trampoline they have taken over, similiar to how sea lions take over docks…)

Mecurcy is in retrograde. Is that what my problem is? I’m just in a mood. Everything seems all topsy-turvy out-of-sorts. Including, and most obviously, me.

All I want to do is hide away with Terri in a cabin in the woods for a week. Or two. Bring some books. Read. Walk around. Take some pictures. Anybody have a cabin they want to loan us for a week?

I don’t think I’m sleeping very well. I keep having vivid dreams of all sorts. Dreams full of people, cram-packed with people from all times of my life. It’s very strange. Random people from elementary school. Close friends. Lost friends. Everyone is in my head, talking talking talking and taking me to the beach, leading me through caverns, going shopping in strange small towns. I wake up too confused to remember to write it down.

The year is shifting, leading into my favorite season. In fact, it’s here. And this is a consolation, while everything else seems so uncertain. Maybe it’s just that so many things are in flux right now — the world is changing, our government is changing (thank God!!!), the season is changing… and it’s just not clear what is going to happen. Maybe it’s that country-wide anxiety, affecting me as well.

Anyway. Three unrelated thoughts/updates to share:

1. I completely agree with this writer that we ought not to “feel sorry” for Sarah Palin as she struggles to present a Vice-Presidential face to the world. The fact that she’s a woman has nothing to do with the fact that she is ill-prepared (for whatever reason) for this campaign.

2. Can I just say again how thrilled I am that it’s time for autumn foods? Bring on the butternut! So far I’ve made apple pie, a pumpkin-spice cake and butternut squash soup. Next up: chili?

3. My book is pretty good. It’s not super-scary yet but it’s building. I have high hopes. I need to visit some used book stores in the next week or two. Right. Like I need a hole in the head. But seriously? Everyone is posting such wonderful RIP reviews that it’s very hard to resist.

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