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Don’t Stop Believin’

November 4, 2008

(stealing the idea for the title from D’Arcy)

One more night. Tomorrow everything will be different, one way or another. I’m praying and praying that things will be truly different. (although frankly, whoever it is is going to have to spend the next two years cleaning up the huge mess rather than making any big sweeping changes). We’ll be at the polls tomorrow afternoon. I’m very excited. And crossing every finger and toe I have.

Also, if you are in California: please, vote NO ON 8!!! Please vote against hate and discrimination.

I haven’t studied very much at all for my test tomorrow night. I get to drop one test, so this might be the test I drop. I just can’t get into studying when there’s so much else going on. And, honestly, I’m totally uninspired by this class and am having to really remind myself that I’m even taking the class. It’s pretty sad.

Well. It’s late. We’re watching the endless punditing and feeling anxious. It’s time for bed.

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