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At Last! Photos!

December 22, 2008

Keeping in mind that we’ve only been here about a week so it’s still really messy and incomplete, here are some photos of the new place, all happy, healthy, safe and lovely.

Our first night. We had our tree, our lawn chairs, and the fireplace. And TiVo. Those lawn chairs were awful. I don’t recommend this.

Temporary kitty-city (before we moved everything in) in the gigantic walk-in closet off the living room (behind the lawn chairs)

View from the bedroom window. The view from the deck is the same, only expanded, and prettier.

I know you are envious of the lovely color scheme of the bathroom. It actually doesn’t look too bad now. We’re going with ‘earth tones.’ This is the oddest bathroom ever, but it’s turning into something nice. We’ll get there.

I love this view and these trees from our living room windows.

The fireplace. Inset are little carvings of phoenix birds. So lovely.

OK, now there is some furniture in the room. You can sort of see the couch color here, and the ‘reading nook’. And the big box of firewood because it’s been so cold.

This is the dining room. This is what you see when you first walk in. The living room is to your left, kitchen to your right. We’ll be using this built-in for art supplies. The card table, while lovely, will be replaced with a real table of some sort, to be used for projects and also, on occasion, dining.

View of dining room and living room, from kitchen.

From dining room, looking into entryway. Priorities, you know. These were some of the survivors from the Great Book Purge.

These are two of the survivors from The Great Move. Poor kitties. This is in the hallway in the kitchen, in the converted icebox, an old remmant from the 20s. Also known as a perfect cat hiding place.

From dining room to kitchen. Lonely cookbooks need a home. They are keeping the vacuum company right now.

Reading nook. I love this. The tree is oddly placed for now but whatever. This is going to be my favorite spot, I can tell already. Also please notice amazing quilt, handmade by my talented mother, and keeping me toasty warm.

Gigantic bed in nearly empty bedroom. Also known as Cat Land. I have a fabric-covered box as a nightstand, and Terri has a chair (which, oddly, matches the bed frame I now see). Also includes oil radiator since these old Oakland buildings are not made for the cold!

Kitchen, working its way towards being charming. I really like this kitchen. Also includes a nook off to the left, which now houses a small table and extra kitchen storage. Too messy for a photo.

That’s it for now! I’ll put up more later as it gets more settled, and of the neighborhood, which is really wonderful. We very much like this place and best of all, it’s not toxic! (crossing fingers)

But don’t you think it needs more books?

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