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Katie Sez…

January 10, 2009

All I have left are cat pictures. It is seriously time to head out with the camera this weekend.

Katie the Cat is a strict keeper of the bedtime. At around 10, one or the other of us will say, “Katie sez…” and that means that Katie has started chirping back in the bedroom, telling us it’s time to come to bed. It’s completely adorable.

I was thinking about these long weeks of grumpiness and exhaustion that I’ve just (thankfully) come out of. I used to be much grumpier. Or sassier (take your pick). Time mellowed me. Maybe a bit too much. Although I’m enjoying feeling more balanced and less exhausted the last few days, I don’t really feel like going back to being Miss Save The World. What a bore that is! How exhausting! Not to mention, not at all conducive to being selfish (see: plan for keeping sane).

While being completely miserable is not exactly fun, it would be kind of awesome to be both happy and relaxed and ALSO kind of selfish with my time. Say it with me: It doesn’t matter if the pictures are not up on the wall. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom is still a huge mess. I would very much like to paint, fold paper, and putter around with art supplies. And cook deliciousness in the kitchen. And take a walk.

People, send me good wishes. This weekend is going to be an experiment in sticking to the plan. The selfish plan. Not the self-improvement plan (very important difference). I am so freaking sick of self-improvement. It really makes me want to gag. I’m done with that.

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