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The Curtains Open: Let’s Begin Anna

January 26, 2009

Yay! I started reading Anna. First impressions: I *love* it. I am going to havItalice to seriously pace myself.

I found myself slightly intimidated after Kate’s fantastic scholarly post, but then I talked myself down and remembered that I want to talk about Anna K. like I talk about all my other books. Very casual. That’s why we have this blog: lots of viewpoints, right? Right.

So. I’m up to Chapter XII. We have met Oblonsky, Levin, and a host of other minor characters. Anna is on her way, and there is great upset in the Oblonsky house. What I am really appreciating is the way that Tolstoy illustrates regular family life in late 1800s Russia: what people ate, the way they are with each other, what it means to be ‘familiar’ with an acquaintance. (For the rest, click here)

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