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Finding The Light

February 18, 2009

Today was one of those no-good, rotten all-around bad days. Well, not completely. But by 2 pm, when my computer pretty much ground to a halt and I couldn’t get anything done and was pulling my hair out, I felt pretty crummy.

Then I came home and saw the messy table with the half-finished painting that I’ve been avoiding. Apparently I am too scared to finish it. It’s different. It’s pink. It has two owls (neither of which are visible yet). I’m nervous. I think it’s going to go all wrong. So there it sits.


But, I have a new lamp with a fancy new light bulb. So I could start working on it at any time, right? Right. I’m just grateful that I have a nice big table where my project can sit (for weeks). And a partner who doesn’t mind that my project is there on the table, waiting for me to get my creative act together. Which I will. Um, this weekend.

So here’s another of my To Do Lists. Just for the record.

* Finish Owl Painting #3
* Work on Secret New Idea
* Update websites, biz cards
* Work on Secret New Idea #2
* Think about New School Idea (because apparently I can’t stand not being a student)
* Go to a drop-in life drawing class
* Bake more brownies

I like that last one, in particular.

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