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This Is So Wrong… But So Worth It!

February 23, 2009

… these are things that should just not go together. Not in my kitchen, at least.

However, I was asked to make a Barbie cake for one special little four-year-old. How could I refuse? At first I was all, “Of course I’ll be making the cake and frosting from scratch! Hello? Have you met me?” But then I realized: this is for a four-year-old’s birthday party, and this is my first Barbie cake, and am I crazy? So I used mix and canned frosting. It made the whole process *so* much easier since I could just focus on the decoration, because this is a Barbie cake, and it’s all about being fabulous, right?

I started with two cakes (half white and half strawberry batter: two boxes total). Baked one in a bundt pan, and one in a large Pyrex mixing bowl. Then I stacked them and put on the crumb coat.

Then I stuck in Barbie. (I wrapped her legs in plastic wrap first.) The cake split a little , but that’s what frosting is for.

Then, I used this white-chocolate ‘dough’ which I colored, and a bunch of sprinkles and a ton of frosting, and voila: fabulous Barbie cake (complete with birthday banner):

Barbie needs a close-up:

The cake-making was fun, but the very best part was that the recipient couldn’t take her eyes off the cake when it was brought in.

Her mom is probably my oldest friend (I’ve known her since birth). I was so honored to make her daughter’s birthday cake!

I look terrible (I’d been slaving in the kitchen all day, whaddya want?) but this is what it’s all about, folks. Happy birthday, Lindsay.

(PS: Thank you, Lara! Your advice made a huge difference!!)

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